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Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian Grandmaster retained his World Championship title for the fifth time, after the unbeaten game streak in the tournament. He beat Ian Nepomniachtchi, the Russian Grandmaster on December 09, 2021. Magnus remained unbeaten through out the tournament.

The World Chess Championship 2021 was scheduled to be played at Dubai from November 24, 2021 to December 16, 2021. The Game 11 of 14 was played on December 10, 2021. Ian Nepomniachtchi played with white pieces while Magnus Carlsen played with black pieces. With three points lead, Magnus was comfortable to play the game. The game slowly turned in favor of him during the middle game. Ian resigned the game on move 49.

Score Card of the Match

This tournament had many moments right from five continuous draws, the longest game in a World Chess Championship and the blunder by Ian in Game 09. That blunder might go down the history as the Fischer blunder of 21st Century.

This also became the first chess championship in which the winner was undefeated. The Prize amount was 2 Million Euros, split 60% vs 40% between the winner and the runner. That sums up to 1.2 million pounds for the winner and 800K pounds for the runner.

The rest of the games in the tournament had been cancelled as the lead can never be counteracted by Ian.

Magnus Carlsen won his first World Chess Championship in 2013 and proceeded to retain the title in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2021.

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